Welcome to Steps of Faith for the Deaf

* Easy English  Words       *Easy Reading      * Limited Vocabulary

**Easy English  as a Second Language

**Easy Reading for older children and young people

Devotionals: (will be changed on the 1st and 15th of each month)

Bible Studies : 1. Book of Matthew, 2. Revelation, 3. Ephesians, 4. Romans  5. I Peter  6. II Peter

7. Gospel of John  8.Acts  9.Daniel  10. Galatians  11. James  12.Philippians

13.  Colossians     14. I Corinthians  15. II Corinthians    16. I Thessalonians

17. II Thessalonians   18.Hebrews   19. I John

Bible Stories: Easy reading, hand-drawn pictures

Bible Questions: Look up answers to questions in your Bible. (Will be added on the 1st and 15th of each month)

Lessons: Example: What Happens to You When You Die?, Bondage & Addiction, Rapture, Fear

Tracts:  Copy tracts and pass them out

Promises: Small colorful cards with verse to pass out

Pass it Along Cards: Credit card size cards with verses

Bookmarks: Colorful  bookmarks (will be added from time to time)

You may copy any of the things to use for your church or for yourself.

Things may not be copied to sell.


Author       will tell you a little about me.

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