In The New Living Bible in the book of I Peter Chp. 1 Vs. 7 Peter talks about troubles and trials.

Peter says: These trials are only to test your faith., to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and makes gold pure. Your faith is more important and precious to God than gold.

If your faith stays strong after being tried by a trial that feels like fire, it will be a strong faith that will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed (shown) to the whole world.

Some people go through more troubles than others. Some Christians living in certain countries have more trouble than Christians living in the USA.

As Christians the Bible tells us that unbelievers will not like us. The Bible tells us that there will be people who will be against us.

This will be worse as we get nearer to the end of time and nearer to Jesus’ return.

At some point in time. No matter where you live if you are a Christian you will have many troubles and people will be against you.

Do not think it strange when we see more and more people hating Christians.

It is not you that they will not like it is Jesus Christ in you that they are pushing away.

They do not want to hear about Jesus’ teachings or what God wants. So they will push you away, or try to keep you from talking, so that they do not have to hear what God says.

People have not wanted to hear it. This one only God in heaven has spoken to men

to write and it is in a book the thoughts God has and what he wants from people. And people do not want to hear it.

The Bible tells us if we stay true and faithful and do not give up our faith if we overcome the troubles we will have a crown of righteousness in heaven.

Keep the faith. Stay true to Jesus. In the end, we are the ones who get to stay in heaven forever.

Good-bye for now.    I’ll write again.        Sincerely,     Joyce Webb